Auckland – Day 1

AC on iChat in NZ

Kia Ora from Auckland! As you can see, I’m all set-up for Skype and such in my hotel room, though internet access in the lobby is cheaper — $5 NZD per hour vs. 68¢ per minute upstairs! Since time is money, let’s get to it…

My flight across the Pacific was a breeze, and took a mere 12 hours as opposed to the 16 I thought it would. Sharing the upstairs cabin with me was none other than Phil Keoghan from The Amazing Race. I didn’t realize this until we de-planed and was going to introduce myself, but he seemed occupied with shooting home movies of his two daughters walking through the arrivals hall so I thought it best not to disturb him. I think I may have accidentally gotten into one of the shots, though…

I just wish someone like him was sitting beside me for the flight — instead I got stuck with this dude in his 60s who reeked of old man smell. At what point exactly does an adult male figure it’s okay to revert to bathing on a weekly basis? Maybe the guy had flown all the way from Heathrow (where NZ 001 originates from), but the lounge at LAX did have showers. Whatever the case I was desparately searching my complimentary toiletry bag for nose plugs!

Crowne Plaza, Auckland

My hotel, which apparently offers public parking…

We landed in Auckland before sunrise, and since I had breakfast on the plane I proceeded directly to the hotel gym, where I shared a revitalizing workout with three young ladies who I think were from either Spain or Portugal. And modest as I am I can still say with confidence that I was the best looking guy in the room!

Winter Weather

After that it was time to get some bearings on the neighbourhood. It was raining and a bit windy, but I’m only pouting because I dropped my damned camera on the sidewalk. It’s surprisingly banged up for a single fall (with an additional terrifying bounce or two), but still works at least…

Strand Arcade

I definitely picked the right hotel — attached to it is a mall with a nice selection of cheap international eats, and out on the streets there’s a ton of shops housed in funky old buildings, like the Strand Arcade seen above.

Construction on Queen Street

Look, they have a Queen Street here, too!

It’s definitely low season for tourists; walking around the downtown core I get the sense that this place could hold a lot more people, even with the sidewalk construction. The locals seem to be an equal mix of Asians, Maori and Whites. Lots of mixed couples, as well — nothing wrong with that…

Auckland Waterfront

Is this the famous Auckland waterfront or just the ferry terminal? I was a bit underwhelmed, and may have to come back to further investigate.

Hydrofoil Ferry

Ferries serve nearby islands like the historic seaside suburb (tourist trap?) of Devonport, or can take you on a tour of the harbour. I’ll pick a day with better weather for that.

Sky Tower

I’ll also wait for clearer skies before I visit the Sky Tower, as it’s right across the street from my hotel…

After my reconnaissance of the area I succumbed to jet lag for the rest of the afternoon, waking up just in time for dinner and this web posting opportunity. Now it’s 1am and (hopefully) time for bed. More tomorrow…


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7 Responses to Auckland – Day 1

  1. Rick says:

    > I was a bit underwhelmed, and may have to come back to further investigate.

    Auckland is pretty much forgettable. Go clam digging on the Coromandel Peninsula – quick!

  2. Well done, great blog and great posts!!!

  3. AC says:

    Fuck, is this comment spam? I can’t tell — my Portuguese isn’t so good…

  4. Ed Miller says:


    I checked out Massa Muscular Sarados (thanks, Babelfish!). Looks like spam at first glance, but is the weirdest spam I’ve come across. The most recent post is about bone calcium copied from Wikipedia, and the second post is an extensive survey/history about various annual parties in Brazil.


  5. AC says:

    Hmm… Maybe there’s some ActiveX scripting on that page — can you try it using Internet Explorer for Windows and see what happens?


  6. kiwiscanfly says:

    Welcome to Auckland! I hope you have a great stay!

  7. AC says:


    Wondering from your blog if you were maybe at the MS Tech Ed Conference in Auckland across the street from my hotel?

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