Wellington – Day 4

Technically Wellington Day 0, but New Zealand Day 4 — you know what I mean…

Today could have been the day of not one, not two, but three hot breakfasts if not for my steadfast willpower. I had the usual made-to-order omelette, fruit, yogurt and pastry in my hotel before checking out and heading to the airport. As I entered the Koru Club in the Domestic Terminal at Auckland Airport not even an hour later I was surprised to find another hot breakfast buffet tempting me. I settled for a bottomless cup of long blacks instead.

After touching down in Wellington I was greeted at the gate by local power couple Derek Flores and Fiona Jane Malthus, who immediately asked me: “Wanna to go for breakfast?”

First I had to check in at The Intercontinental Hotel, apparently where visiting rock stars stay. I wonder if they use points too?

En route to breakfast (for Derek; lunch for me) we stopped for a video opp with Wellington’s biggest scandal. Shocking!

Not a doormat!

Wellington has gone Cuba Crazy! And the best breakfast on Cuba Street is at Fidel’s. Note that even though I made poor Derek pose on the ground by the front door no skulls were smashed as a result of this photo…

Bats Entertainment (hyuk)

Another Wellington landmark is Bats Theatre, a kindred spirit to the Bad Dog back home?

Thumbs up for Wellington

After a quick walking tour covering three of the city’s four quarters my verdict was in. To quote The Fonz: Ayyy!


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2 Responses to Wellington – Day 4

  1. Aurora says:

    Ah! I”m so envious. We went to Fidel’s…..for breakfast! Don’t poo-poo the New Zealand breakfast, Currie. They do it better than anyone else. They are piled mountains of goodness and eggs. Do it!

    I’m so envious even though it is obviously chilly there. snuggle up to fee and D for me.


  2. AC says:

    No arguments about Fidel’s breakfast plate… Derek’s looked awesome, and I’m worried that the free breakfast I get downstairs in my hotel won’t compare…

    I’m meeting him and some locals there again today — if those damn Hobbits can have second breakfast, maybe I can too!

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