The Ultimate Seat Sale!

A380 Auction

Step right up, one and all… Here’s your chance to be part of aviation history!

If you haven’t heard, Singapore Airlines has bagged the maiden voyage of the monstrous Airbus A380, and they’re auctioning the seats on eBay for charity!

And the best part is, you don’t have to go alone… This fearless world traveler will gladly accompany you on this historic flight — all you have to do is buy him a ticket!

Our adventure will start as we make our way to the point of embarkation, the wonder down under: Stunning Sydney, Australia (make sure you budget enough to fly me here and back to Toronto as well)… We can enjoy a pint at the very same pub where I exchanged awkward pleasantries with a genuine Aussie lass in 2002, and you can see firsthand the actual supermarket where I bought a jar of vegemite as a souvenir…

Once on-board the mighty Airbus this experienced globe-hopper will show you his secrets to long-haul flying, like going to the bathroom when you need to and taking your shoes off so your feet don’t explode!

Once in Singapore you’ll be treated to a grand tour (at your expense) of famous landmarks from Second City’s back-to-back theatrical runs in 2001 and 2002, including The Robertson Quay Hotel and that theatre across the street where we did our shows — what was it called again?

An opportunity like this only comes along once in a lifetime (until Singapore Airlines starts its regularly-scheduled service with this aircraft, immediately after the first flight), so act now!

A pair of return tickets can be yours for less than $30K CAD (business class is more — I like business class). And if you’re a bit strapped for cash, why not send me off alone to document the trip for you? With all the production delays this thing has endured, I’m sure to meet a fiery death somewhere over the Pacific…

Boeing rules!


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4 Responses to The Ultimate Seat Sale!

  1. Ed Miller says:


    For a couple of hundred bucks, you can add some insurance to your offer:

    The Singapore Airlines PR flacks probably wouldn’t want to have passengers carrying these on the maiden voyage with all the media coverage expected, so you might have to get creative in terms of hiding the extra straps until after you get onboard….


  2. AC says:

    I’ll just pretend I’m incontinent and say that it’s my adult diaper. Or maybe if I own up to wearing a parachute they’ll give me an exit-row seat.

    Hmmm… We may be on to something here!

  3. Ed Miller says:

    Here’s an interesting update on the rules aboard that A380



  4. AC says:

    Yup, that’s pretty much why I gave up on going…


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