FlyerTalk Forums Saves Christmas!

You’re looking at a lovely photo of downtown Cairo, Egypt that I found on Flickr… It’s where I’ll be ringing in the New Year, thanks in no small part to the community at FlyerTalk Forums.

I’ve been scheming a post-Christmas holiday ever since I got back from New Zealand — I need to top up my Star Alliance miles in order to keep my hoity-toity Aeroplan status for 2008. It’s the perfect season to visit Hong Kong but I’ve already been there three times, and since I’ll be travelling solo it’s a good opportunity for something new. Dubai was another option, but a quick poll of FlyerTalk members left me with the impression that it’s little more than the Vegas of the Middle-East. And they censor the internet there. Boo.

While researching flights to Dubai I found out that Lufthansa, a Star Alliance partner, also flies to Cairo, Egypt. Not only that, but they were listing a sweet little deal on a round-trip from Toronto, using Air Canada metal to Frankfurt, even!

I bookmarked the Lufthansa site and checked in on the fare every couple of days, figuring that with the travel dates so far off the price wouldn’t change in the foreseeable future. But then, late last Friday night, I was horrified to find that my very affordable economy fare had suddenly quadrupled in price!

In a panic I turned back to FlyerTalk, and someone who was online there found me the exact same flights through, for only a bit more than Lufthansa’s original cost. My theory on what happened is this: Lufthansa had an expiry date on the cheap seats, and when I checked in it was already past midnight in Germany so I missed the deadline. If I remember correctly it was also just past midnight in Toronto, but Orbitz, with their offices in the Midwestern US and A, were an hour behind on their local time and therefore able to deliver a ticket at the cheaper price.

Whatever the case it all worked out, and it’s nice to be reminded that the community spirit exists both online and off!

By Andrew

Mobile phones, Linux and copyright reform. Those go together, right?


  1. Thanks for the links… So what did you think of Dubai? It seems like you’ve posted more photos of airports and aircraft than anything else!

  2. Dubai is a very cosmopolitan city, and unless you can stand the searing heat, I think its far better to visit and to navigate than say, London or Paris.

    With major developments all around the city, it does look “messy” from a construction point of view, but its a city that can only truly be appreciated by being there.

  3. Ray,

    Hong Kong will have to wait until next Christmas, I guess… And considering I’ve already paid for my tickets, yeah, I’d say Egypt is a go. 😉

    If you’re interested in joining me I can send you the dates. Good luck finding cheap airfare, though!

  4. FT makes lots of people happy. Did you know we have a flickr group? Join us, if you like.

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