Nokia N810 – Can’t (iPod) touch this!

Nokia N810

Forget everything I said about the iPod touch… credit card balance willing, this will be my next gadget purchase — the just-announced Nokia N810 Internet Tablet.

It’s everything the touch isn’t: Real tactile keys instead of virtual ones, additional connectivity via Bluetooth and GPS and, most importantly, unrestricted access to an active community of third-party developers.

Like it’s predecessors the N770 (which I own and use almost every day) and N800, this new tablet from Nokia is not a phone, but earns its N-Series moniker by fitting the definition of a “converged device”, which Nokia has identified as the world’s fastest growing category of consumer devices, with an estimated market of 250 million users in the next year.

With no out-of-the-box PIM syncing software the N810 isn’t really suitable as a PDA — then again, contrary to what I previously wrote, neither is the iPod touch. What this tablet is perfect for is the role of laptop stand-in — for those times you need a quick check of something on the web or need to take some notes but don’t want to haul around a full-sized testicle-frying or ovum-zapping notebook computer. If I seem like I’m pulling a complete about-face from my earlier dismissal of the N770, it’s mostly because issues with using an external keyboard kept it from true greatness.

As for Nokia’s newest tablet I’ll be putting in my order as soon as they go on sale next month, and nothing can change my mind about that — except maybe this

UPDATE — August 7th, 2008: I’ve now had the opportunity to test-drive the N810; you can read my review right here.

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