What’s on My Nokia: October, 2007

Nokia Installed Apps - October, 2007

What kind of smartphone zealot would I be if I didn’t keep you all updated on the many wondrous apps installed on my award-winning E61i? In the coming days I pledge to reveal all the juicy details — yes, I realize I also said that last month — but for now here’s what’s new on the second screen of my Installations window:

  • Nokia Maps has been installed on my Nokia for over a month and I still haven’t written about it. Trust me, it’ll be worth the wait.
  • S-tris 2 is a free version of the classic Tetris, with a twist!
  • Best Taskman is the third party app switcher which, thanks to its more advanced features and cheaper price, beat arch-rival Handy Taskman to a permanent spot on my phone.
  • Widsets is now out of beta. It’s a clever means to browse internet content on expensive data connections.
  • Yahoo! Go made sense for me, since Yahoo! services are now bundled with my Rogers home internet plan.

More on these this week… Promise!


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2 Responses to What’s on My Nokia: October, 2007

  1. ed says:

    What’s vBoy? interesting icon for the application 🙂

  2. AC says:

    Hi Ed — guess you found me through the wonders of trackbacks, huh?

    vBoy is the best (and cheapest) Gameboy Emulator I could find for my E61i. You can read more about it on the publisher’s site:


    Kudos on your blog, BTW — yours was one of the first E-Series sites that tipped the scales in favour of my current handset!

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