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Top Posts for ALL DAYS ending 2008-02-09 (Summarized)

Title Views
Canadian Cellular Contracts: Just Say No 2,277
My HTC TyTN: Two Months In and Back in t 1,564
The Worst Shortcomings of Windows and OS 1,367
Apple’s iPhone – Not Quite Insanely Grea 1,069
Bell Canada’s Mobile Browsing Bomb: What 930
Nokia N810 – Can’t (iPod) touch this! 910
The Ultimate QWERTY Smartphone Smackdown 867
What’s on my E61i: August, 2007 744
I’ll Take Tiger 706
The Newton 2.0 648
Battle of the Mobile Barcodes 453
Nokia E61i: A Quick Tour 449
iPod touch Available in Toronto 402
Why the E61i? 390
Frozen Bubble: The Crack Cocaine of Noki 375
Auckland – Day 1 358
Canada Goes 3G: Plus ça Change… 345
Growing Up: A Case Study 246
First Bell, Now Telus?! 245
Top 5 Reasons Why SMS is Better than Pus 236
What’s On My E61i: September, 2007 226
Requiem for a hiptop 222
The Ultimate Website Mobilizer Smackdown 221
My Weekend with a CrackBerry 217
CrackBerry and the Macintosh: One Month 210
E61i Firmware Update & (ugh) Windows 200
My HTC TyTN: The First Week 196
Requiem for a BlackBerry 184
The Return of Second Cine! (Kinda) 182
Apple-y Birthday to Me! 168
A Tale of Two Taskmans 168
Egypt According to Nokia Maps & GPS 164
Bell Sympatico Blocking POP Access?!! 164
Brief 163
Apple and Google to Shake-up Wireless St 133
Contact 131
Requiem for a Credit Card 123
Other Sites 122
Case Study: Vaja vs. Crystal 120
MacWorld Expo Keynote Debrief 118
E61i Road Report 114
Toronto Humane Society’s Cruel Cat Contr 111
Smash My PS3 105
A Second City Reality Show?! 100
Requiem for Palm? 98
Brazilian BBQ Madness! 98
Salling Clicker: A Remote for Your Mac ( 95
Ten Years Later (Plus One) 94
BIFF 10: Day 1 93
Bulletin 91
Whatever Happened to eBooks? 91
Is Ontario Ready to Make History? 88
The Day The Music Died 81
Requiem for a Cell Phone Charm 79
What’s on My Nokia: October, 2007 78
The Ultimate Seat Sale! 77
Nokia vs. iPhone: The First Offensive 77
Where’s My Damn TyTN?! 73
Giza by the Numbers 73
Another Nokia Fanboy? Looks like! 72
What’s on My Nokia: Nokia Maps 72
Symbian Says “Boo-Hoo For You!” 71
What’s on My Nokia: The Games 71
AC’s Asian Fascination Explained 71
Andrew on Android 69
Requiem for a Beetle 68
BIFF 10: Day 7 68
Currie’s Canada Day Smartphone Giveaway! 66
Requiem for a TyTN 63
iPhone Envy 59
New Zealand – The Road Home 59
Seoul: Day Four 59
Bluetooth Headsets Compromise Security, 58
Going to T&T? Steer Clear of Econo-C 55
Comedians: Do Your Research, Please! 54
Vigilante Justice? 53
New Sidekicks… Meh! 53
Sleeping Giant 51
FlyerTalk Forums Saves Christmas! 51
That’s Herr Director to You 49
Dane Cook, Super-Hack 48
Consumer Reports Jumps the Shark 47
OpenMoko – The Anti-iPhone? 46
Wellington – Day 4 45
Citizen Journalism in Bermuda 45
Auckland – Day 2 44
Micetro Impro a No-Go 43
Smartphones Get Smarter with GPS 41
Second City Invades Teh Interwebz! 40
Everyone’s a (Corporate) Whore 40
The Fall TV Season: Does Anybody Even Ca 39
What’s On My Blogroll – September, 2007 38
From Russia with Love… A Video Codec?! 37
This Night Has 34 Hours 37
Auckland – Day 3 35
My Beetle Hath Become My Burden 35
Dating on Teh Interwebs, Part I 35
Opera Mini: Your Best Bet for Mobile Bro 35
Does Anybody Even Make Desktop Apps Anym 34
Fido to go WinMo? Oh, no! 33
Receiving in Seoul, Loud and Clear 33
Score One for Air New Zealand 32
My Near-Perfect Podcast Playlist 31
Kramer Kills Kareer 31
iPhone in Japan? So what? 31
Pur(H)ell 29
Friends in Fry Places 29
Baksheesh 29
Toronto’s Mayor Kicks Ass and Takes Name 29
The Ultimate Lip Balm Smackdown (for Men 28
Toronto Rocks! 28
BIFF 10: Day 9 28
How The Greens Lost My Vote (This Time) 28
Warriors = Laborious 28
Wellington – Days 6 & 7 28
Video Egypt: Pyramids Approach 27
Room with a View 26
Endless Wire: My New Who Review 25
Big in Lithuania 25
No Love for Nokia in Bochum, Germany 25
A Tale of Two Drifters 25
Advice for those stupid “Holiday Letters 25
Air Guitar (Regional) Championships! 25
iPhone Hysteria Round-up 24
Playing with Poop 23
Wellington – Day 5 23
Guerilla Comedy 2.0 23
The OTHER War of the Worlds 22
Everything (now) in Moderation 22
Flight the Flu with the Crook of Your Ar 21
Free Show, See More! 21
Video Egypt: Abdul Aziz Mobile Phone Sou 21
BIFF 10: Day 3 20
Audience with the King 20
My First iTunes Album 19
The Road to New Zealand (Day 0) 18
Like It or Not, In-Flight Mobile Calling 17
Movin’ on with Mobiles 17
Slow News Day at The Canadian Film Centr 17
I’m on Facebook! [yawn] 16
New Zealand, Sucka! 16
Tarted-up Meat at The Keg 16
Egypt Wrap-up 16
Hey Warner Bros. 16
Requiem for a Smoothie 15
BIFF 10: Day 2 15
NeutrinoPlex Opens Tonight! 15
My 2007 BIFF Flix Pix 15
’80s Synth Music Back with a Vengeance 15
Mobile Upstarts Continue to Challenge Wi 15
On the Road Again 15
Fly to NZ with AC 15
Karnak 14
BIFF 10: Day 8 14
Seoul: Day Five 13
Guten Morgen, Frankfurt! 13
This Hour Sign-off 13
JSA Waiver 12
The Next Episode, According to Nokia 12
Video Egypt: Call to Prayer 11
Apple’s Questionable Standards Support S 11
A Message to Bev Oda 11
Happy 20th, GSM! 11
New Theme: How Do You Like Me Now? 10
Seoul: Day One 9
There’s a Palm in my Nokia! 9
It’s Not Too Late to Give and Get 9
Inside Cheops 8
Parity Time! 8
I’m Not Sitting on my Ass… I’m EXERCIS 8
Seoul: The Road Home 8
Fame Debunked 8
Video Egypt: Ringing in 2008 at the Pyra 7
Forget MacWorld — here’s some REAL news 7
Kramer’s Empty Apology 7
Twitter: For Twats? 7
Almost a Hero 7
BIFF 10: Day 5 7
Is This a Windows Virus? 7
Cameras are the New Guns 6
BIFF 10: Day 6 6
BIFF 10: Day 4 5
Last Week’s Wild Ride 5
Seoul: Day Nine 5
Happy Global Orgasm Day! 5
Seoul: Day Two 5
Amnesty International SRI Event in Toron 5
Are You on Facebook Yet? 5
Seoul: Day Eight 5
Corporate Video Culture Shock 5
AC on AAS 5
Top 3 Alternatives to Tonight’s Oscars 4
Seoul: Day Three 4
The New, New Beetle – Will I Bite? 3
Seoul: Days Six & Seven 3
メリークリスマス (Merry-uh Chris 3
Requiem for a Vacuum Cleaner 2
What Tech Can’t Do 2
Best Spam EVAR! 2
AC Invades South Korea! 2
My Inaugural Post 1
MySQ-heLp! 1

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By Andrew

Mobile phones, Linux and copyright reform. Those go together, right?


  1. AC:

    I read the 2 posts with one view each, so that should bump them up to tie your Korean invasion story….

    Interesting list–cell phone and Apple stuff clearly “sells” on this blog. But the travel doesn’t. Maybe more tech content for your travelogues would bump up the numbers?


  2. Hey Ed,

    What’s caught my attention is that nobody seems interested in what I have to say about comedy and the showbiz — including me!

  3. AC:

    Maybe there’s so much info-tainment out there that people who have lives (such as the ones who read this blog?) immediately shut out all mention of showbiz? The Britney Spears stuff alone is staggering — live updates of her moves in and out of mental wards, all the while there are real news stories taking place out there.


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