Requiem for a Tech Show

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Talk about bad timing… Last Friday morning I fired off an email to one of the show’s producers pitching myself as a guest — little did I know that The Lab with Leo had already been cancelled.

As lame as it sounds, The Lab and its predecessor Call for Help have been my dinner date most nights for the past couple of years. And despite the usual suspects phoning in because they can’t check their email or their pirated copy of Windows won’t boot on a ten year-old computer, the show is — sorry, was — actually quite informative. It taught this n00b everything he needed to know about Windows before diving into XP and the WinMo (and subsequently deciding that he liked his Macs better).

The roster of regular in-house guests was impressive, from security expert Steve Gibson to digital photography guru Ray Maxwell. In fact, the only element missing from the show was a dedicated segment on mobile phones. Given that I screen-tested for another Techtv show a few years back I thought I might at least have a chance but alas, it’s too late. Now I’m stuck watching reruns of The Simpsons or, god forbid, the xenophobic fear-mongering that the six o’clock news has become…

What I’ll miss:

  1. Everything I ever needed to know about Windows.
  2. Similarly useful info about Macs as well.

And not so much:

  1. Stupid callers. Lots of them.
  2. Fat guys and golf shirts as far as the eye could see. Whether intended or not, every single episode sent a strong subliminal message to its viewers to step away from their computers and go shopping or to the gym.

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3 Responses to Requiem for a Tech Show

  1. Ed Miller says:


    I never saw The Lab, but I’m thinking there’s now room for an online call-in show, “AC on the PC.” Set it up as a blog, answer questions in real time each week. You’d probably cut down on the dumb caller syndrome (which, by the way, makes call-in shows the best cheap entertainment out there)….


  2. AC says:

    Interesting idea, but I’d be putting myself in direct competition with this guy:

    Who seems to be LIVE 24/7!

  3. Ed Miller says:

    I think you could beat him. Especially if you use the great name I just came up with for the show: AC/PC. you’d have to grow your hair longer, wear more leather, and steal someone else’s logo, but you could have the rockingest PC tip show evar!

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