Nokia to the Rescue on AC 943

Phone Kids

Now that I’m officially a Nokia Ambassador I’m happy to report that my trusty E61i more than proved it’s worth on my three-hour return trip home to Toronto from Bermuda yesterday.

Seated beside me on that flight was a kid on his first flight ever — and he was travelling alone! I felt bad for the brave little guy for the fact that we were on an older aircraft that didn’t have an individual entertainment centre for every single seat, so I offered up my Nokia to help him pass the time.

He spent about half an hour on S-tris alone, and after he told me that he had a modded Xbox in his knapsack as carry-on I figured he could handle the Nintendo games on my emulators from Vampent. I guessed correctly.

Towards the end of the flight I even powered up Nokia Maps for a quick geography lesson (the difference between New York City and New York State).

Will this newly-crowned international jet-setter choose an S60 device for his first mobile when the day comes? Here’s hoping…





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