Nokia E90: 9 Questions with Canadian Comedy Mogul Klaus Schuller

This week I’ll be reporting on Nokia’s flagship business device, the E90. More on the in a couple of days — in the meantime…

Klaus Schuller with his Nokia E90The Second City is a comedy institution in North America, boasting alumni who have powered hit TV shows and movies from Saturday Night Live through SCTV to The Daily Show and Colbert Report.

Klaus Schuller is the producer of the Toronto franchise, and was my boss last year for a contract I had directing the theatre’s National Touring Company.

1. Nice phone! Where’d you get it?

In an effort to support local businesses, I ordered it online from here in Toronto –- who promptly had it shipped to me from the States.

2. What handset were you using prior to this?

I was using the Eten M700 Glofiish. A fun handset, but I found the Microsoft OS (and the phone) to be fragile and crash-prone. The older I get, the more I want things to just work. But I’m sad my new phone doesn’t have an adorable nickname like Glofiish. I would suggest we nickname it “The Monolith”.

3. How did you first hear about the E90?

Your blog, of course! Actually no. I found it online while comparing specs on smartphones. I ordered and received it back in January.

4. Were there other handsets you were also considering at that time? What made the E90 win out?

I looked at some HTC handsets/PDAs, particularly the TyTn II and that big honking one they had with the 7-inch screen. In the end, what sold me on the E90 was the combination of specs and reputation for quality. Until I started researching Nokia, I didn’t know much about them — and even thought they were probably Japanese. I mean, they’re called Nokia, not Finnsgrüven.

5. What are three-ish favourite things about your E90?

  1. Overall Quality – This thing is solidly built, substantial and has great sound/call quality. Many of the other PDAs feel like they’re going to fly apart in your hands. The E90 is solid, and could be used as a weapon. Really surprising battery life too. If I forget to charge it, I’m usually good for a second day.
  2. Features – GPS, 3G, great camera/camcorder.
  3. The real clincher for me was the keyboard. Full QWERTY plus number keys and shortcuts.

6. How about three or so things you wish it could do/do better?

  1. I don’t like that firmware upgrades wipe the phone. Reinstalling all your applications is a PITA.
  2. Outer Numeric Keypad is a bit small, even though there’s plenty of room to make it bigger.
  3. Camera button is touchy. You push it, wait and hope that a picture gets taken soon. They need to redesign this button to “click” in a satisfying way.

7. Favourite apps/games?

  • EmTube – now that Rogers has useful data plans, I use this all the time.
  • I rely on RoadSync at the moment, but will switch to Exchange for S60 once I find the patience to update my firmware.
  • Nokia Maps – again, only useful now that I have a big monthly data plan.

In general, I’ll give Nokia/Symbian full credit for having most of your needs preinstalled, from Adobe Acrobat to the Office programs. I’ve probably only used 1/10th of the preinstalled aps at this point.

8. Is there any other handset (cough, cough — iPhone — cough) that might woo you away from your E90?

Though I’m a loyal iMac/iPod user, I just can’t get comfortable with a touchscreen for typing. Maybe some day when they perfect that active screen technology that zaps your fingertips and makes you think you’re touching fur. And I always prefer technologies that are not quite as, well…smug as Apple. If you really want to tempt me, wave an E71 under my nose. Mmmmm, tiny.

9. Working in the comedy business, you must have a hilarious voicemail greeting, right?

Um…no.  I believe my greeting is “please leave a message”. No joke is funny enough to be endured every time someone calls you. Well, no clean jokes anyway.


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  1. Rick says:

    Great post with guest. So grown up! Now Im back to watching deer run along side my gd empty GO train. Be a freelancer! Work any hours i want!

  2. AC says:

    For those of you not in the know, Rick’s comments draw heavily on the fact that he’s still recovering from reading this: 😉

  3. rdolishny says:

    Very perceptive and once again correct. Points 4 and 8 apply, although the humour/bitterness of the entire article has not gone un-noticed.

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  5. Ssammmy says:

    Love my Nokia E90. Got it off a few months ago. it came in 3 days and they shipped it across the country to me for free!! this phone works great, i’m very happy with it

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