Air Canada Mobile Bar Code Madness Redux

Paperless Mobile Check-in (Almost)

Okay, so the last time I tried using Air Canada’s paperless mobile check-in I got a message that my Nokia S60 handset, the world’s most popular mobile OS running on the world’s bestselling handset, wasn’t supported.

This time I actually got an SMS from AC, actually two — one with a helpful reminder of my flight number and departure time and the other with a link to the 2D barcode you see above.

You should have seen the look of abject terror on the counter agent’s face when I giddily showed her this at the airport. She made a feeble attempt to scan it with a reader she had then promptly asked me for my passport and printed up the usual paper boarding document.

Maybe I’ll have a better experience in Tokyo in a couple of weeks






3 responses to “Air Canada Mobile Bar Code Madness Redux”

  1. zebra printer Avatar

    2D Barcodes are going to take off… no pun intended. These will soon go hand in hand with mobile devices

  2. Stuart Avatar

    Yes and I didn’t rate Air Canada’s in flight entertainment system either. Slow, locked up and had to be reset by stewardesses, forced you to watch ads before you could see a movie.

    1. AC Avatar

      Yup. Other Star Alliance carriers — particularly Air New Zealand and Lufthansa — put Air Canada to shame.

      Haven’t had the pleasure of flying with Singapore Airlines yet…

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