Who Will Answer the Rogers iPhone Data Challenge?

Ted Rogers, evil overlord

Ted Rogers, evil overlord

Talk about chutzpah… Rogers Wireless, narrowly avoiding a disastrous Canadian iPhone launch by introducing a (comparatively) reasonable data plan of 6GB/month for $30, is now claiming that a statistically insignificant 1.2% of iPhone users have sent more than a 1GB of internet data through their device during their first billing cycle.

Rogers is extending the availability of this plan until the end of September, probably to spur sales of their new BlackBerry Bold. But to the 60,000 people who signed that iPhone petition I gotta ask: What’s the deal?

Are you still scared of going over your monthly data allotment, or did you really just want an iPod with a built-in phone? I’m not being facetious here, but Canadians have been given a rare chance to influence the future of the mobile internet in this country and it seems to me like we’re squandering it.

I’m no longer a BlackBerry user myself, but it seems to be relatively easy to tether such a device to a laptop. Tethering is also possible with a jailbroken iPhone, but according to Rogers it doesn’t look like anyone’s doing that either.

Unlike Tokyo I have indeed seen iPhones in the wild here in Toronto — so what exactly are you people doing with them, and why aren’t you using more data?


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10 Responses to Who Will Answer the Rogers iPhone Data Challenge?

  1. Mike says:

    Since I got my phone on the 11th my average data use seems to be around 150 Megs a month. Mostly because I have wifi at home and at work. $30 is pretty cheap for the security of having 6 gigs available if needed. This price for this much data is standard in the US so I see no reason why Canadians should pay so much more.

  2. AC says:

    Hey Mike,

    Out of interest, would you say that most of that data usage comes from the browser or YouTube or…?

  3. Michael says:

    I asked about the data plan for my original iPhone. seems that they want $15 for *two megabytes* and $30 for *six gigabytes* … they are fleecing us .. that’s why I’m not getting a data plan yet.

  4. Mike Mc says:

    Back when I had a Treo with Bell Mobility I got a nasty surprise one month – a cell phone bill for nearly $500, thanks to some pretty light web usage. I never want to get surprised like that again.

    Once I got an unlocked 2G iPhone, I figured I’d get by just using the wifi, but I soon got annoyed with the hassle of finding free hotspots. With the Rogers plan, I’m using just over 200MB per month so far, but the $30 isn’t breaking the bank, and I’m loving the huge cusion the 6GB gives me.

    I admit, my bad Bell experience may have thrown off my perception of what constitutes a fair deal, but I locked in for 3 years without much hesitation. I’m confident that what seems like amazing tech specs today will be adequate-at-best after a few years. Heck, I just discovered I can stream music from my home computer to my iPhone with Simplify, which will no doubt up my usage. I imagine this is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Now if only I could get something like Documents To Go for the iPhone. But I guess editing and syncing Word docs on a mobile phone is just way too 2005.

    Mike Mc

  5. Mike Mc says:

    PS Weird. Does the 6GB plan have particular appeal to the lucrative “Mikes and Michaels” demographic?

  6. AC says:

    It would seem so…

    And in case you didn’t know this, the standard contract term in the UK is a mere 18 months!

  7. Elias C. says:

    In about a week I will have a Bold coming, and I already have a 6GB data plan (just got it). I will happily answer the call. Especially since I go to my moms on the weekends sometimes and I have to tether to get decent internet.

  8. ElectricMonk says:

    I’m at around 300 MB In 10 days. Unless you managed to grab NetShare (sigh, not me) when it was briefly on the app store you need to watch a lot of Youtube to hit the 6 GB limit.

    As with the others, I’m mostly happy with the security of having 6 GB. I’d prefer to pay $10 a month for 1-2 GB but… I can live with $30/6 GB.

  9. AC says:

    FYI, I’ve put money to mouth and signed up for this very plan myself…

  10. Marven says:

    I picked up an iPhone back in september especially for the thought of being able to teather with the phone. 6 gig for 30 bucks seemed like a great deal. Then I found out that it does not work unless you jail break the phone. I waited and searched for rogers to resolve my issues. I live in the boonies but have a strong 3.5g tower signal. Tired of dialup I jailbroke my iPhone in November using autoiphoneunlocker.com (I highly recommend them). Then I used Iphone modem for the teather which worked great until an update and then it was useless. I needed the teather on the road so I broke down and purchased a rogers rocket stick and used the sim from my iPhone so I could take advantage of the 6gig plan. For the last month I have been using PdaNet. They can teather through the USB charging cable. I don’t have to keep swapping the sim chips unless i am using a computer that dosn’t have iTunes installed on it.

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