Social Music Smackdown!

In the dark days of the early 1980s before the Sony Walkman arrived on North American shores, folks were known to broadcast their musical tastes far and wide courtesy of a ridiculously-large contraption called a boombox.

These days broadcasting one’s music is done largely through one of the three major music sharing services listed below. Want to know which one’s the best? Read on!

Pandora is a music sharing service which only works in the US and A — unlike the internet, which works worldwide. So thanks for stopping by, be sure to pick up your gift bag on the way out…

iLike is currently the darling of the Facebook crowd, currently boasting almost 5.5 million active users of its Fb app. Through Facebook you can find out when your favourite artists are coming to town — which is good — and spam your friends with musical trivia quizzes — which gets annoying real fast. also has a presence on Facebook, albeit with a relatively paltry 45,000 active users. But these folks have an ace up their sleeve — quite a few, in fact: Unlike iLike, which works only on social networks and from within iTunes, has embraced software platforms of all kinds, including excellent clients for Nokia Internet Tablets and S60 smartphones.


Mobbler for S60

As you can see in the screen grab above, I no longer have to fiddle with getting my iTunes music onto my Eseries handset. The plug-in for iTunes scrobbles my music to, and Mobbler streams that same music to my phone. What could be easier?

The Winner: If it isn’t obvious by this point gets the nod for its multi-platform support — click here for the complete and staggering list!


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6 Responses to Social Music Smackdown!

  1. rdolishny says:

    I really enjoy thesixyone. It’s got a great indie vibe, has an engaging vote system, and has recently landed some top names like Eminem and Kanye if you’re into that sort of thing. But big names isn’t what you discover on thesixtyone. Recently, it’s been fueling my recent obsession with off-beat cover tunes.

    I don’t think they have any plug into FB and it works great world-wide. Win-win so far.

  2. rdolishny says:

    There was one other source but I honestly had to look it up, it’s the grand-daddy of social music. It’s Launchcast from Yahoo, I remember using it way back in 2000, teaching it the songs I liked and it somehow recommended songs I might like … I say somehow because I don’t think anyone else was using it back then.

    After I switched to Firefox, one of the sites that refused to work was Launchcast so that was the last I saw of them.

    Funny, if this link works you can have a listen and get an earful of what I was listening to in 1999-2000. Kinda fun trip. Lame interface and, still, IE only.

  3. rdolishny says:

    Oh look Rogers upgraded my account to ad-free and high quality Plus account.

    Of course I still paid .05 cents a kb to use the gmail app on my phone.

  4. Ed Miller says:


    Have you ever tried imeem? I set up an account a long time ago and got around to setting up a “yacht rock” playlist (inspired by the channel 101 series) last week. I’ve only used it to stream the playlist once, but it worked perfectly, and I had smooth music playing while cleaning the oven….

    I find the interface a bit clunky and slow, but to be able to stream music I don’t necessarily want to buy works for me.


  5. AC says:

    I’ve heard of it, but didn’t include it (or the links Rick mentioned) in my post because AFAIK they have no connectivity to Fb, mobile devices, etc.

  6. devolute says:

    So glad they cleaned up the Mobbler interface, finally! truly is the music service of kings.

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