Who Needs an iPod with Salling Media Sync?

I had no idea that my stuffy Eseries business handset could also be a kick-ass music player, but thanks to Salling Software’s new Media Sync, it is!

Salling Media Sync Menu Bar Item

Media Sync's Drop-down Menu

Install Media Sync on your Mac (it’s also available for Windows) and you’ll find a little icon in your title bar for it — this is important, because the app doesn’t show up on the OS X dock when active for some reason…

Salling Media Sync Interface

Media Sync's Main Interface

But once you launch Media Player things get better real quick — as you can see above, each and every one of my iTunes playlists is available to be copied over to my E71. My previous issue with non-protected iTunes Plus tracks on Nokia handsets has magically disappeared; I’m not sure if it’s Media Sync or the improved music player on my phone that’s responsible for that, but no complaints here either way!

In fact, the one audio file type that Media Sync can’t handle is the protected AAC files for sale on the iTunes Music Store, so I made a Smart Playlist containing my top-rated music without DRM. DRM sucks.

Nokia Music Player

Nokia Music Player

And here’s a random track (honest!) playing on my E71. I should note that album artwork is also copied over where available.

Media Sync comes in two flavours: a free download which can be upgraded anytime to a full version with “smart copying” — meaning that your entire music library doesn’t have to be wiped and replaced on your handset every time you connect it.

Given the relatively slow speeds of today’s microSD cards I’ll definitely ante up for the full version of Media Sync, but I’m going to have to get myself a stereo Bluetooth headset first. What’s that? Your iPod doesn’t support stereo Bluetooth? Well, boo-hoo for you… 😎


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  1. Ed Miller says:


    Yet another reason for me to switch to Nokia when my Bell contract runs out (meaning a different carrier since Ma Bell doesn’t carry Nokia, or any other Mac-friendly phones).


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