10,000 Buddhas, in 2 Tries

If nothing else, let this be a lesson to all you Buddhist Monks out there about proper signage…

Yesterday I used my brand-new Octopus Card to venture out into The New Territories — specifically to Sha Tin and the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery. Here’s a photo essay on how it went down:

A Sign
A Sign

Though I could see the monastery from the Sha Tin East Rail Station, this was the only actual sign for it (in English, anyway), on the ground beside a parking lot.

Easiest 400 Steps EVAR!!1!
Easiest 400 Steps EVAR!!1!

At the end of the lot was this escalator, which I assumed was the way up there, despite what I had read about some 400 steps I had to climb.

Start Again
Start Again

It was only after I went up another couple of escalators and then a bunch of stairs that I realized I was actually at a mausoleum — the monastery was just beyond, but entirely out of reach. So I had to go back down to the parking lot and start again. This is more or less how I felt about it…

On the Righteous Path
On the Righteous Path

Following that first sign more explicitly I soon started seeing Buddhas, golden Buddhas everywhere!

100 Steps - I'm Being Mocked
100 Steps

At about a hundred steps in I felt like I was being mocked…

200 Steps - Someone's Impressed
200 Steps

Two hundred steps in — surprised to see me make it this far?

300 Steps - A Flower For U
300 Steps

At three hundred steps in I was offered a flower — hey, I’m flattered but I don’t, er… worship that way.

400 Steps - You OK?
400 Steps

At the top of the hill one of the Buddhas seemed genuinely concerned with my condition.

The Monastery
The Monastery

The Temple grounds with more Buddhas, a pagoda, even a cafeteria…

The Temple - and 10,000 Buddhas!
The Temple

And finally, The Temple of Ten Thousand Buddhas. By my rough estimation each of the four walls seemed to have close to have at least 2,500 of them — check out the video pan below and see if you agree…


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