Congrats America, You’re Officially Cool Again!

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On November 5th, 2004 I drove across the border from Canada into Upstate New York, to do some shopping at a local outlet mall. Being the day after President Bush’s re-election what struck me was how quiet everything was. Everything and everyone.

Despite the Greater Buffalo area having the appearance of a red state — that is, yellow ribbons on every door and “Support Our Troops” bumper stickers on every SUV — the mood there was anything but celebratory. I particularly remember looking around the tables at a small diner and watching all the sullen eyes staring downwards while John Kerry’s Concession speech blasted on the wall-mounted TV. It was as if every patron in the joint was thinking the same thing:

“Here we go again…”

And now on this Inauguration Day 2009, it seems that America’s got its groove back. It has once again become the land of opportunity and seems primed for (and I’ll take credit for this phrase) Camelot 2.0.

As a dual citizen of Canada and the US and A I wish all the best for my adopted second homeland. Please don’t mess this up, okay?


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3 Responses to Congrats America, You’re Officially Cool Again!

  1. Tim G., says:

    I am a dually too – let’s hope for great things for the US. Let’s hope Obama is more right wing and reigns in spending more than GWB.

  2. AC says:

    Let’s hope Obama is more right wing […] than GWB

    Um, ok… You do understand that President Obama is a Democrat, right?

  3. Ed Miller says:


    I was disappointed, as I’m sure many were, by one part of the inauguration:

    but overall, I hope this new spirit of hope helps America get back on its feet and a fun place to visit….



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