Vimio – The Mobile TV App Your Carrier Doesn’t Want You to Know About

A recent episode of The Digital Production Buzz Podcast had the hosts positively gushing over US and A start-up MobiTV, who are offering wireless subscribers in the Americas live television on their mobiles through their carrier for a mere $9.95 USD/month.

The service isn’t yet available for me, but I can get Fido’s official 3G streaming video option for a slightly less reasonable $15/month — and only using one of their locked handsets, of course.

Or I can pay nothing and install Vimio, which is exactly what I did!

Vimio Splash Screen

I first heard about Vimio from a fellow WordPress blogger. The company seems to be based in Ireland and possibly Sweden. Why is this important? Read on…

Vimio Free Channels

I think the CityTV they’re offering here is the one in Ireland — not my local station. Likewise, “Comedy” is neither Comedy Central or Canada’s copycat Comedy Network. Near as I can tell, it’s devoted exclusively to these cartoons.

Vimio Quality Settings

There is no detailed information about available data streams, only a choice of these three “quality” settings.

Vimio - Low Quality Streaming

Here’s what the Beeb looks like on “low” — not the greatest, but usable over an EDGE connection at least.

Vimio Buffering

If you’re willing to endure a few more of these screens…

Vimio - High Quality

You’ll be rewarded with much better video on the high quality setting. Vimio has also built-in a thoughtful shortcut to toggle full-screen viewing on and off — all I have to do is press the centre D-pad on my E71.

With just a few more available channels Vimio’s Live TV player could well become a killer app for S60 mobiles, and even with their current selection it’s still a must-have. Just be sure you’ve got a generous data plan…


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9 responses to “Vimio – The Mobile TV App Your Carrier Doesn’t Want You to Know About”

  1. AC:

    This is actually the 2nd Vimio story I’ve read today, which is kinda freaky:

    Here’s an article on how to create video optimized for upload to Vimio from the LA Final Cut user group…


  2. I thought of giving Vimio a try a couple of months back… couldnt get thru to their site… tried again now… still cant get thru…

    Im pretty certain its not just me 😉

    can you pls confirm if you can still access their services on your phone?

    On the computer I use Livestation ( ) … would sure like to have something similar for my E71 … or atleast some other way of playing streaming content.

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