BIFF 2009, Day 3: Non-voting America’s What Now?

Last night I saw the 12th annual Bermuda Film Festival‘s first dud.

 Dear Oprah, directed by Kasper Verkaik

The Dutch documentarians’ naïveté is undeniably charming as they set out across America in a run-down camper van, to answer the question of why so many Americans don’t participate in the democratic process.

But by the end of the film this very premise proves faulty, because folks do get out and vote — partially because Oprah throws her considerable media influence behind then-Senator Barack Obama, but for a lot of other reasons revealed in course of the film.

And so, Dear Oprah: Non-Voting America’s Wildest Dreams ultimately proves to be as confusing as its title. And clocking in at a mere 55 minutes it’s probably more suitable as an hour-long piece of TV fluff than a big-screen doc.





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