Bermuda’s Mobile Scene

My recent trip to Bermuda for their annual Film Festival may well have been my last (the family I have there might be moving off the island later this year). So now is as good a time as any to profile the mobile landscape on “The Rock”…

3G available in Bermuda

On my last stay in Bermuda I narrowly escaped the advancing hoardes of 3G iPhones. This time I wasn’t so lucky — Apple’s locked down JesusPhone arrived with complementary 3G service on Tuesday, March 26th.

The lucky exclusive carrier is M3 Wireless, appearing as “MOBILITY” on my handset. It works out nicely for me, as for some reason I can’t get a data connection at all using the island’s other GSM network, Digicel Bermuda (formerly AT&T).

And just like my experience in Tokyo last summer, the only iPhone I actually saw in the wild was in the window of a local shop. As Bermuda is populated largely by expat financial mucky mucks on work visas, BlackBerries are everywhere — though I did spy a native Bermudian with a Moto Ming a few years back.

Since Fido, my carrier here in Canada, charges 5¢/kB for international data I couldn’t really test the speed of Bermuda’s 3G network. Fortunately the diner down the road from my brother and sister in law’s place has free and ample WiFi, along with excellent banana pancakes. 😎





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