May Day (My First Day with Linux)

Easy Peasy 1.1It’s an odd coincidence that I chose to make free open-source software my primary notebook OS on International Worker’s Day, but that’s how it went down when I migrated my calendar, contracts and email to Easy Peasy 1.1 on my new Asus Eee PC yesterday.

If you haven’t been following this developing story, I’ve wanted something smaller than a full-sized laptop to carry around with me for taking notes and getting on the proper Internet as needed. The first piece of the puzzle was actually some software for my mobile phone; JoikuSpot (which is really worthy of a dedicated review) turns my Nokia E71 into a WiFi HotSpot, and my (relatively) fat data-plan from my carrier makes it affordable.

I had tried Nokia’s Internet Tablets but found them to be more geek toys than useful computers. I instead settled on the Eee PC because of its solid state drive and diminutive size – zomg, it fits perfectly in my man-purse! 😉

Unfortunately the stock Xandros-based OS couldn’t reliably connect with JoikuSpot, and after testing a variety of netbook-optimized distros only Easy Peasy could do the job.

So, my PIM data has been moved to Evolution, the stock Ubuntu email and PIM app. For my Nokia I’m bypassing local sync entirely and connecting to a hosted SyncML server via SyncEvolution and Genesis – yeah, that’s right… I’ve finally found a suitable PIM 2.0 client! I just have to get caught up on my PIM 2.0 reviews and all will be revealed.

Stay tuned…

By Andrew

Mobile phones, Linux and copyright reform. Those go together, right?


  1. Like the man purse. Where’d you get it? Available in T.?

    Looking forward to the PIM 2.0 conclusion.

    1. Hmm, if I knew your real identity (or at least your location) I would perhaps know what you mean by “T.”…

      If you mean “Tokyo”, you’re in luck — it’s a product from Porter Japan…. But you mean “Toronto”, I’ll bet.

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