Jabra BT3030: Not For Subway Riders

I’m a big fan of public transit but not necessarily the inane chatter of my fellow passengers. Earlier this spring I purchased an enormous pair of DJ-style Bluetooth cans from Nokia; they sound fantastic, but now that the weather’s getting warmer I find them a bit cumbersome and uncomfortable for my sweaty noggin.

Based on a recommendation from The Symbian Guru I snatched a Jabra BT3030 (pictured above) from an eBay auction. Though it seems odd to have a wireless controller that you plug wired headphones into, in practice it makes a lot of sense, as you can keep your iPod stereo Bluetooth device in your pocket where it’s safe and sound.

But there are two big problems with this Jabra device:

  1. Near as I can tell the bundled stereo earbuds don’t have a microphone. See comments below for updated info. I’m an idiot.
  2. For some bewildering reason Jabra seems to have decided that it would be a good idea to have this thing beep three times every ten seconds when there’s no available network for your phone. This means that if you travel by subway — on the TTC, in Tokyo or any other rail system that doesn’t have access to carrier signals while underground — this product will be of absolutely no use to you.

I’m surprised that nobody else on the web has picked up on that second issue — it’s certainly a deal-breaker for me!


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9 Responses to Jabra BT3030: Not For Subway Riders

  1. Hm, are you sure you picked up the original one? Cuz the one that I have:
    1. Does have a microphone in the dog tag itself, meaning that I can take calls just fine.
    2. Does not come with a mono headset :s just one stereo pair of headphones.
    3. Does not beep every 3 seconds when there is no signal, and believe me, there are MANY places in my subway commutes that have absolutely no signal at all. It beeps every 5 or so seconds when the battery on the Jabra itself is about to be dead.

    • Hi Rita, & thanks for writing in…

      Re: The mic, you’re absolutely right — to be honest I’ve yet to actually use it because of my general disdain for voice calls.

      As for whether or not I’m in possession of a counterfeit unit I’m a bit unclear on that as well. It looks to be made for the Asian market but came in original packaging, or what looks like it at least.

      The beeping might be a low battery, but only if the last charge — over USB to a plugged-in notebook — wasn’t enough to properly top the thing up.

      I’ll investigate further and report back…

      • So I charged the unit again from the wall socket and took another subway trip — I still hear beeping every ten seconds where there’s no available phone signal.

        So either I’ve been duped into purchasing a counterfeit product, or the Asian-market version of this Bluetooth controller sucks…

  2. Ed Miller says:


    that is a really cool idea–especially as I noticed the TTC posting the “keep your electronics hidden” posters a few weeks ago. Must be coming up on the late-night swarming season again…


  3. Aditya Singhvi says:

    I’ve never had it beep.. unless, your’e pushing the volume button inadvertently on account of it being in your pocket…

    In any case.. I’ve reviewed it way before Symbian-Guru along side a Nokia Bluetooth headset BH-903.


    I’ve not had that beep noise coming in the absence of a signal. Are you sure it’s not the phone by any chance?

  4. gfunk says:

    Can you turn off your wireless when you get in the tunnel? i have to do that on my BB when i get to Eglinton West or the mp3 stutters as it looks for signal. When its off, no stutter.

    please report if that works as im curious if that works

  5. gfunk says:

    oh and ive been to tokyo and seoul trust me their phones WORK UNDERGROUND… i mean they can stream DMB tv to their phones – made me feel so third world when I came home 😦

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