No more Apple Kool-Aid, thanks… I’m done.

As soon as Apple’s WWDC keynote wrapped up yesterday I started thinking about what I would write here.

First I was going to write about the new iPhone 3G S, and how the hardware doesn’t measure up to Nokia’s forthcoming flagship N97. But nobody in North America is likely to even blink at this; they’re too busy drooling over the new iPhone apps like the one for Zipcar, that lets you unlock a vehicle and honk the horn from your phone.

Then I thought about documenting how truly evil Apple is becoming, selling an entire line of notebooks with non-removable batteries while advertising how “green” they are.

I also considered writing about how Apple’s big innovation this summer is taking a cue from Acer, Asus and the like — not by releasing a cheap netbook (as many had hoped) but by slashing the price on their current iPhone and making it a commodity item, almost a disposable one like the lower end of their iPod line.

And then it struck me: I really don’t care.

Considering the behaviour of both Apple, Inc. and their unquestioning masses:

  1. Greeting the announcement of voice dialing on their beloved iPhone with thunderous applause like it hasn’t been a feature on other handsets for the past five years;
  2. Knowingly committing to a multi-year contract on a crap carrier for a locked handset;
  3. Being so smug as to summarily dismiss the Ovi Store less than a month after its launch, and the Palm Pre after only a few days on the market…

… I realize that I can’t win — or more truthfully, I no longer have an interest in attempting to penetrate the overwhelming ignorance that is Apple’s reality distortion field.

So if you’re looking for advice on Apple products you should probably look elsewhere. I just can’t be bothered anymore.

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32 Responses to No more Apple Kool-Aid, thanks… I’m done.

  1. Woz says:

    I thought the trolls were meant to write the comments, not the articles…

  2. Ed Miller says:


    Everything went just as the rumours and speculation had suggested. No surprises, surprisingly, for all that hype.

    Apple responded to the smartphone war and to the netbook phenomenon by tweaking their phone and laptops, but otherwise, nada. Even the OS upgrade is a $30 tweak for Intel-Mac users.

    I’m still a Mac fan, though I’m standing pat with my trusty G5 and G4 iBook…


  3. Underdog says:

    Isn’t free enterprise wonderful (while it lasts). Buy what you want, otherwise skip on down the street. Skip Andrew, skip. You’ll be sorely missed I imagine.

  4. Yuma says:

    I completely agree Andrew. Having come from using Apple products from its Apple ][ days, Apple’s products and its ‘innovations’ are poor compared to when they had real ideas for productivity software and hardware. Wither the Apple Quicktake, laserwriter, Newton line of ‘PDA’s, Filemaker. Now it’s mere sweeter icing on a stale cake, and not even real sugar that.


  5. Blad_Rnr says:

    “…overwhelming ignorance…” ???

    First you say you don’t want to comment, then you do. Why not just say nothing then? Oh, because you have to tell the world how important your thoughts on Apple are? Please. We could care less.

    I prefer my iPhone and my Mac. So what? Why denigrate everyone who chooses to like Apple products? All it does is show how insecure you are with Apple’s success. Don’t like it, go start your own company and create your own phone and app store.

    Apple can’t help the fact they have leap-frogged the entire phone industry in two years. Think not? Look how they all clamor for a touch screen device like the…iPhone. And an app store like the …App Store. If you want the carriers to dictate to you how you will use their phones, then fine. Apple forced the carriers to start catering to their customers.

    Give credit where it is due. Apple started with nothing and have kicked the industry in the butt. They are not perfect, but acting like a techno snob and expecting everyone else to follow along will get you no points. People just want things to work. And obviously the iPhone caters to those people. So what?

  6. Brian says:

    The notebook batteries are a greener way to go because the battery gets recycled when you bring it in to be swapped out. They aren’t selling 2 per notebook, either. No moron is going to ditch this because the battery is dead, they will replace the battery (which WILL be recycled.)

    Whine much, Andy?

    • And where might they go to get their battery replaced? At their local Apple Store for a nominal fee? No thanks…

      • Greg says:

        We have a number of iPhones in our corporation and battery issues have not been any more of a problem then they have been other brand of cell phones. On those rare times when an iPhone battery has had an issue Apple has replaced the iPhone for free.

      • Ok, but the user still burdened with transferring data to their new device, right? And even if they are not, there is still the issue of downtime while they get their replacement in workable condition.

        The overriding question for me is why non-removable batteries were put there in the first place. You could make a case for the MacBook Air but for mobile phones? My Nokia is thinner than an iPhone and the battery is user-replaceable…

      • Woz says:

        I’m pretty sure the reason they were put there in the first place really is down to space and not just to piss people off. Yes there are Nokia’s, Sony Ericsson’s etc out there that are way thinner and have a removable battery, but there’s a hell of a lot of computing horsepower in an iPhone, far far more than an average cell phone, and more horsepower has got to take up more space.

      • If we can at least agree that pissing people off was a motivating factor for Apple then we’re making some progress here! 😉

  7. Blad_Rnr says:

    Hmm. Call me out on my lack of grammar (fine, I’m not an English major and my wife would agree with you) and then ignore my comments. In plain English: we don’t care what you think.

    How do you like them apples? (pun intended)

  8. Greg says:

    AC, while I agree with you in part but not all. I do agree that Apple should have had voice dialing. Well the camera and better battery life might be nice but I am not going to rush out and buy a new iPhone just for that. However I am sure there are large numbers of people who shall. Also it’s not that I am a fan boy but lets not spank apple for the Palm product until they can fix all the problems with the phone and prove that people actually want to buy it. Lets face it people love their BlackBerries and iPhones for a reason and so far Palm has none of the I gotta have it reasons…

  9. STL says:

    “So if you’re looking for advice on Apple products you should probably look elsewhere. I just can’t be bothered anymore.”
    Fine, don’t be bothered.
    The rest of us will enjoy the great stuff that Apple makes.
    Your loss chump

  10. Sean MacDhai says:

    I agree with you to a point. I think we make a big deal out of nothing. But aren’t you kinda making a big deal out of the opposing viewpoint. Its a phone. I have a iPhone 3G and I want the new one because I want a better camera and video capture, and 32 MB of storage. I’ll pay the $200 because I feel thats fair, considering I am getting a brand new phone 9 months after buying this one. But at the end of the day, its just my phone.

  11. Mate! This post makes me feel very sad… 😦

    I don’t think that the ‘masses’ are ‘unquestioning’, as you put it. There will be plenty of dissension in casa kool-aid over the next few weeks. People are not happy about the upgrade price, the lack of MMS and tethering on AT&T, and if the video quality is naff or the autofocus doesn’t work correctly they’ll be hell to pay!

    I don’t think that people are as easily deceived as you believe. Could it be that people just want different things from their phone than you do? As an example, I would rate having a constant stream of great (and cheap) games over multi-tasking and MMS, but you may not. It’s personal preference. It’s not that Apple have got it right and the others have note, or vice-versa. It’s just a different viewpoint, a different set of priorities.

    Don’t give up on Apple just yet Andrew. They are capable of truly great innovation. I honestly believe that the tech industry would be worse without Apple. We need companies like them to remind us of just how audacious technology can be. There’s room for everyone in this rapidly expanding market. I’m just thankful that we live at a time when we can witness its beginning! These are special times indeed.

    • Don’t give up on Apple just yet Andrew.

      Sorry James — though you are definitely one of the more rational and unbiased Apple users that I’ve had the distinct pleasure of communicating with, the iPhone was never an option for me on principle alone.

      Had Apple seized the opportunity to truly revolutionize the mobile industry by selling the iPhone unlocked and without contract in their own stores things might be different. Had they not fed me with lies about how their PowerPC chip was better than Intel for so many years perhaps I would be less suspicious of their motives.

      But they did all this, and more. So here we are.

  12. I’ve also been thinking about what to write after the keynote and while I plan to write a little about the new iPhone on my blog (I like it!), I also agree with the sentiment you expressed in this post. I often feel like I am the only person in my corner of the social Web who is not infatuated with everything iPhone and totally dismissive of Nokia’s moves in this space.

  13. Withheld says:

    I love how anytime an Apple detractor comes out, he/she is trashed as a Troll. Kool-Aid is right.

    As someone close to the carrier I can tell you Apple did no one in the industry a favor by inking the deal they did with AT&T. They get $19 every month for every iPhone on the AT&T network. If anything they are costing everyone else money because AT&T tries to recover that cost from other OEM’s. They don’t care if the product is a commodity. Apple makes more money on the residual than they do on the device. Plus they do not have to share revenue with the Carrier for App purchases.

    The portion of the deal where they have control over the OS is great, but neither AT&T or any other carrier is willing to give the same option to any other OEM. It has not opened up the industry as the rest of the manufacturers hoped. Here they have a clear competitive advantage, they can now be more agile and take more risks because they can quickly correct the course if necessary.

    I am glad you brought up the environmental aspect. Greenpeace lists Apple as one of the least green tech company on the planet, and its largest phone competitor is listed as number 1. They told us they were a green company, how can you blatantly lie to your consumers? Aren’t most Apple users Prius driving Eco Conscious pro-sumers. Don’t they research the products they buy? Lead, Cancer Causing Carcinogens, non-biodegradable plastics, unremovable batteries, no clear take-back program, shall I go on?

    It seems to me that more people buy an iPhone because they don’t want to be left out, than buy it because it solves some life problem.

  14. I don’t get how Apple is evil or less green by having built in batteries? They are reducing the amount of extra materials needed for a removable battery, so less waste per battery and less manufacturing. The batteries hold a higher charge meaning it takes longer before you reach an unacceptable limit of charge. The batteries also don’t lose charge as fast further increasing the lifetime of the battery and reducing the number of batteries that need to be produced. I don’t see how any of that is making them less green?

    I also don’t get how the hardware doesn’t measure up to the N97. It has a higher megapixel camera, built in radio but other than that they’re pretty similar. We don’t know the processor speeds or RAM in either of them so can’t compare but it is evident that the 3G S is a massive leap over the 3G

    • I don’t get how Apple is evil or less green by having built in batteries?

      Try taking a third-party battery to your local Apple store and see if they’ll install it for you…

      I also don’t get how the hardware doesn’t measure up to the N97. It has a higher megapixel camera, built in radio but other than that they’re pretty similar.

      It has a higher megapixel camera, built in radio but other than that they’re pretty similar.

      The Nokia N97 has a real QWERTY keypad, but other than that they’re pretty similar…

      The N97 has an active home screen with customizable widgets, but other than that they’re pretty similar…

      The N97 can do proper multitasking, but other than that they’re pretty similar…

      The N97 can play YouTube videos and other Flash content from within its browser, but other than that they’re pretty similar…

      You can buy an N97 anywhere in the world, without being burdened by a carrier contract, but other than that they’re pretty similar…

      … Shall I go on?

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