Digg-ing Deeper for Linux News and Links

Apparently there’s some sort of conspiracy keeping Linux-related links off the front page of the popular link-sharing site Digg.com — or at least that’s what this recent Computerworld editorial would have you believe.

Whether it’s true or not there’s still a very healthy Linux community over there — my review of the Evolution email client currently holds the all-time record for the most reads in a single day, and virtually all of that traffic came from Digg!

If you’re looking for Linux-related news allow me to share two more worthy sites for your consideration:

Free Software Daily is very much like Digg in that registered users can vote on links submitted to the site. But very much unlike Digg popular items look like they get less than fifty votes each.

If you’re interested in a constant feed of quality Linux links head on over and join the community…

tuxmachines.org is blessed with the adorable and killer tagline: “Do you waddle the waddle”? — how you can resist?

There’s no voting here per se; instead the site somehow tracks how many “reads” each submitted article gets — though it’s not clear to me if this calculation includes guests or logs the activity of registered users only. Regardless, there’s a large community here as popular links are getting close to five hundred reads.

Together these two sources provided pretty much all the Linux-related links I post to my Twitter account. You could also follow a real-time stream of the #linux hashtag in one of those fancy Twitter desktop apps but really, who has time for that?

By Andrew

Mobile phones, Linux and copyright reform. Those go together, right?


  1. Good suggestions. I used to be a digg user until someone submitted my article “How to Completely Remove Mono on Ubuntu” from learningubuntu.com and for some reason a group of people reported the article to be violation of the TOS.

    Now my whole site is banned from Digg. It’s sad because a lot of people were “digging” it but many people also didn’t like that I was teaching people how to remove Mono.

  2. Thanks for advocating the use of FSDaily. We currently have just over 5000 registered users, which is why the current threshold of votes required to get to the front page is so much lower than digg’s. The more our community grows the more votes stories will get and the higher that threshold will become. But, more importantly, we will get more posts and more editors the posts will have (it is user edited after all).

    Thanks again

  3. I think Linux users should be more aware of this and start digging more articles. From the time I read the original article, I have decided to Digg atleast 10 articles everyday.

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