Across the USA with a Nokia N97 (?!)

So I got an interesting email from Nokia’s WOM World the other day. I’ll let you read it in it’s entirety:

Hi Andrew,

Would you like to join Nokia for a two week trip across the US next month demonstrating some of the capabilities of the Nokia N97? A bit of a random question I realise, but I’ve followed your stuff recently and think you’d be a great candidate for this project.

To give you some more background, I’m writing on behalf of Nokia to invite you to be one of four social media participants who’ll travel from LA, to San Francisco, to Chicago and finally New York testing the N97 to destruction (well, not quite!) and undertaking barcamp style events in 3 of the cities based around four themes that tie into the N97. What that would mean is leading the discussion on one of those themes in one of the cities based around a specific topic of your choosing. You’d then also support the other members of the team at their events. The trip will culminate in a Grand Finale event in New York.

It would obviously be a commitment on your part, but it should also be a lot of fun and a great chance to meet a load of new people, and really give your spin on a new device back to Nokia. If you are able to take part, we would need you to be available from the 7th-23rd July. If you’ve got any questions (as I’m sure you do!), or want to have a chat, just let me know and I’ll get back to you right away.

If this is something that interests you, either give me a call or email me back and we can set up a call to talk through it in more detail.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.


The WOM World/Nokia Team

I’m still waiting for flights and such to be confirmed, but it does indeed look like this is happening. More on this as it develops — in the meantime, here’s a short video about the handset I’ll be testing:

By Andrew

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  1. I’ll be joining you and I absolutely can’t wait. WOM World couldn’t have picked a more interesting group of people for this trip and I think we’re all going to have a blast.

      1. And you have it, sir. I haven’t been posting anything yet with respects to you and the other bloggers on this trip, but I’m not trying to keep anything quiet anymore. I have a post of my own to put up soon as well.

  2. Bring an iTouch or iPhone with you and use the browsers side by side. Then count the clicks you have to do to enter in data and use the browsers. It looks like Nokia just put the N95 browser with a touch screen. The touch screen didn’t make it easier just more confusing. IMHO

    1. It looks like Nokia just put the N95 browser with a touch screen.

      “just an N95 browser”… You mean the one that can play YouTube videos and other Flash content in-line? 😎

      1. It is great that the N97 and my N95 can play flash videos, but in the end its all about blah blah blah blah I like Apple products…

      2. The above comment has been edited (obviously), because I realized that I said boo about the iPhone/iPod touch in my original post.

        Prospective Apple trolls, please take note…

  3. Yes, I second James, congratulations! This sounds like a blast!
    Keep us updated, and maybe do some live streaming if you ever have some downtime? (Qik?) Anyways, have fun, and take care!

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