N97 Across The USA: Meet The Players

FYI, I’ll be using #n97usa as a hashtag on Twitter for my upcoming tour of the United States with Nokia’s new flagship device, at least until we can come up with something better.

I’m taking the lead on this because WOM World has asked me to be the connection expert for the trip — “connection” meaning Facebook, Twitter and other social media.

Today I’ll be introducing the other fine bloggers and their areas of expertise. Without further ado, here they are!

Matthew Bennet – Content Consumption


Based in San Francisco, Matthew did a ton of Nokia Daily News videos on YouTube before switching to a more traditional text-based blog. He’s going to be a bit disappointed that I’m not his favourite MTV VJ, I think… 😉

Jonathan Bruha – Navigation


Hailing from Hotlanta, Jonathan blogs on WordPress.com just like me — and through WP’s excellent tag surfer feature I’ve already been following him for quite some time without realizing it.

George Kelly – Content Creation


George joins us from Oakland. While I haven’t had the pleasure of following his stuff until now I’m catching up fast, thanks to FriendFeed — every blogger’s secret weapon!

Next up: Some details about when and where you can come out and meet us!


One response to “N97 Across The USA: Meet The Players”

  1. lol. Wasn’t I asking you about stuff like this just the other day? Great news! Looking forward to reading more about the trip as it goes on… and now I have proven that I read your site more than once a year 😉

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