N97 24/7: Official site is up, and more!

You might think it was this very blog, but you’d only be half right. 😉

No friends, if you want to follow our escapades across America on the web you can do so right here: Lifestream.fm/n97usa

I had thought that the #n97usa hashtag on Twitter would be easy enough for everyone to follow, but apparently some folks are intimidated by such things.

Hey, I’m here to serve — and speaking of which, here are two sites on Facebook you may also be interested in:

  1. Mobile Camp SF Facebook Event
  2. N97 24/7 Facebook Group

See you at Swedish Hall tomorrow night!

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6 Responses to N97 24/7: Official site is up, and more!

  1. Mark guim says:

    been following the hashtag, but yea it could be intimidating to some. I have a suggestion. Check out Coveritlive. It’s free and you embed it once to your blog/site.

    Add the 4 members’ twitter feed, the #n97usa hashtag, and ur qik videos. You’ll all be doing what u r normally doing, but it’ll now be easier to find your live content in one place.

    Lifestream looks messy and ugly in my opinion.

    • Hey Mark, thanks for hipping me to COVERITLIVE.com

      It’s a paid service, though, isn’t it? Despite Nokia paying our way across the USA we actually are on a budget here…

      I agree that Lifestream.fm isn’t the prettiest thing to look at. I’ve got a similar thing up and running over at Tumblr — it looks a lot nicer but isn’t catching anything other than my own stuff for some reason.

  2. Mark guim says:

    nope it’s free

    • Right you are. Missed that…

      That CiL site is a little intimidating, and it looks like it’s designed to be embedded in multiple sites, rather than a single hosted one?

      I think WOM World is looking for the latter. Thanks for passing it on, though, and if I get some time I’ll definitely play around with it some more.

      Looking forward to meeting to you, BTW 🙂

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