N97 24/7: San Francisco Challenge

Okay, it’s go-time. We just got off a conference call with Nokia HQ, and they’ve given each of us a specific challenge for this stop on the N97 24/7 Tour.

And when they say “specific” they’re not kidding around: My challenge for tomorrow is to make to my way over the bay to Sausalito using only my Nokia N97 and without taking a cab. But there’s more — once there I have to meet face to face with a local whom I connect to over the internets!

Now being a blogger and all I’m normally a bit shy about meeting new people, but there’s a lot at stake here — if I fail this challenge Nokia may well leave me stranded here in San Francisco. Okay, that might not be so bad… But they might take away my N97 — and that would be a fate worse than death!

So if you live in Sausalito and you’re up for a quick hello (and maybe a free T-shirt) tomorrow afternoon, please let me know in the comments below this post. I’m looking forward to meeting you!






6 responses to “N97 24/7: San Francisco Challenge”

  1. howardtech Avatar

    Yikes, sounds like quite a challenge. Worse case scenario if you can’t find a blog reader you can always connect to a local through adultfriendfinder.com, thats considered the “internets” – once again, thats your worse case scenario

  2. John Avatar

    no car? use the SF bay area transportation portal: http://www.511.org . bus or ferry from pier 39 or ferry bldg, or rent a bike and ride over the golden gate bridge. finding people? how ’bout posting in craigslist or the always outrageous people in yelp talk

  3. […] the Mobile Camp last night where he connected with other enthusiasts, this time he has to find someone he’s never met and say hi. In Sausalito. As if that wasn’t tricky enough, Andrew needs to get there without using a […]

  4. Kevin Neely Avatar

    Too bad they sent you north, instead of south to Silicon Valley. Would have loved to join y’all last night, but I worked too late to make the trek to the city.

  5. D Avatar

    “or Oakland”? http://www.womworld.com/nokia/10478/247-tour-challenge-on/
    i work in Oakland, near the 19th St BART, wassup Andrew, come on over, it’s hella nice over here

    1. Andrew Currie Avatar

      Thanks for the invite — wish I had caught it sooner.

      I’ll have to visit you in Oakland another time… With prior warning, of course! 😉

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