N97 24/7: The Sweet Smell (and taste) of Success!

Oh look, here’s some guy on a bus shooting video with his N97 to recap the challenge handed down to him from Nokia HQ yesterday:

The original plan called for me to take a Segway ride across The Golden Gate Bridge, which would have been pretty spectacular, except that (1) the company that rents them out only does supervised group tours, and (2) downtown Sausalito is quite a ways from the opposite side of the bridge — so far, in fact, that I couldn’t even see it when I finally got there.

So far so good...And how did I get there, you ask? Well, fellow superstar blogger Matt Bennett — who I technically know from the Internet — told me I could hop a ferry across the bay, and that I could get to the ferry dock via any number of buses that passed more or less in front of our hotel.

Once out on the water the N97 got to work. Using Nokia Sports Tracker I was able to verify in real time to anyone who cared that I was indeed crossing the bay by public transportation — at least I thought I was. I guess I hadn’t properly set up my public profile on the Nokia site so my “workout” wasn’t properly logged. Even worse, all those apps multitasking on my high-powered device eventually froze it up, and soon after it automatically rebooted the battery ran out — see Exhibit A and B tweeted live from the scene.

Once on the other side of the bay things got better in a hurry. I fired up the latest edition of Nokia Maps — you know, the one that offers free walking navigation and uses the N97’s built-in compass — and within just a few minutes had found the exact address where I had an appointment with destiny…

Nokia Maps Walking DirectionsAnd who was the lucky Sausalitoan who got to meet up with yours truly? Are you sitting down? Then prepare yourself for this…

Finish Them

That’s right, my Internet-brokered meet-up was with a candy store. I would have taken a photo with the shopkeeper inside but truth be told she was a little ornery, and I didn’t want to risk having a gypsy curse put on me.

And if you’re wondering how a place of business qualifies as “a person I found on the Internet”, it came up through a Google search while I was monitoring Twitter for people living in Sausalito. I just really like candy is all…






3 responses to “N97 24/7: The Sweet Smell (and taste) of Success!”

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  2. ECA Avatar

    Did the candy taste as sweet as your success? Was Tom right?

    1. Andrew Currie Avatar

      It was no Sugar Mountain or anything, but it did the trick…

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