N97 Debrief: N-Gage Dodges a Bullet

New Toy

It’s a good thing for Nokia that my new N79 arrived yesterday, because I was all set to write a damning report of the complete and utter disaster that is N-Gage on the flagship N97.

Despite not being able to get N-Gage screen grabs I would have still persevered and shown you firsthand how the touchscreen and physical D-Pad are used for input arbitrarily and actually work against you when you’re trying to play a game, or navigating through a game menu for that matter! Furthermore, I would have told you that it’s not even worth enduring this because (1) the games don’t even play full-screen (?!), and (2) every single game I tried looked like crap.

I would have summed up by letting you know that the N97 is absolutely not a gaming machine, and that you’d be much better off with an iPhone or iPod touch if that’s all you’re after.

But like I said, I got a new toy yesterday and was busy setting it up. Oh, and unlike the N97, it runs the tent pole N-Gage property Reset Generation, which I’ve been waiting to try for over a year now

By Andrew

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    1. Thanks Ricky, the fact that you think so highly of it did indeed influence my decision a little bit. 😀

      I have to admit, though, that I’m a total T9 n00b… And that number pad is pretty stiff!

  1. Good luck avoiding the 2 key when you’re trying to press ‘DOWN’ and vice versa.

    Shoulda got the superior N85 or waited for the N86…

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