Qik arrives on the iPhone, and is absolutely useless.

While we’re pleased to see Qik finally arrive on the Apple phone, there is one big catch: it can’t stream live video.

Um, live streaming is the very thing that sets Qik apart from other video sites and services…

But you know what? Even if this crippled version didn’t suck the iPhone doesn’t have a front-facing camera, so it would still suck.

Lameness all around.

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Mobile phones, Linux and copyright reform. Those go together, right?


  1. Andrew, really sorry you feel this way. Believe it or not, lots of people don’t really want or need to be live, but do want a way to upload video directly from their iPhone to their blogs, Facebook, YouTube, and other social networks. They want to be able to geotrack their location while recording and uploading video. And they want to be able to shoot in portrait or landscape, take videos from the camera roll and distribute those on all their social networks, too.

    We can’t stream live as we have to work within Apple’s guidelines for App Store apps. But lots of people are still finding use for record and upload. I’m sorry you’re not one of them.

    Thanks for the feedback and ping me anytime with your thoughts.

  2. Please don’t get me wrong, Jackie… I’m a huge fan of Qik on S60 handsets, and I use it whenever I can — here’s proof:


    This is why I feel the iPhone version is so dreadful in comparison, and I had a feeling it was yet another App Store sob story. 😦

    Thanks for commenting though — I really, really dig the proper version of Qik! 😎

  3. Trust me, I would love to have a truly live version on the App Store. Of course.

    Again, really appreciate your feedback. I’m just glad that so many people don’t find Qik for iPhone 3GS “useless” as per your headline. Hope we can please you soon. 🙂

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