Third-party widgets ready to go for Nokia’s Maemo 5 — the proof is in the screen-grabby goodness!

The screenshots are working applications of Fremantle/Harmattan Maemo and demonstrates some of the design UI philisophy. These are real community widgets and open source applications that are available already from the Maemo community before the actual device and platform release. Enjoy…

While the Symbian Foundation seems hung up on branding, Maemo looks like it’s ready to actually deliver a next-generation open-source OS.

Nokia World should be very interesting next month…!

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6 responses to “Third-party widgets ready to go for Nokia’s Maemo 5 — the proof is in the screen-grabby goodness!”

  1. Whoa, there Buddy. You’ve hit a nerve with this one!

    Branding? Branding!!?!??!?!!111!!!1!

    You obviously haven’t seen the Symbian UI Brainstorming blog. They’re making excellent recommendations for how the future Symbian OSs will operate. It’s much needed, and quite welcome.

    I’ve gotta go troll some other sites now… : )

    Keep up the good work, Andrew! I like what you’ve been posting since “The Trip”!

    • Actually I had seen that, just forgotten about it…

      I guess the point I’m trying to make here is that The Symbian Foundation is taking too long. I mean, it’s Linux right? Aren’t they supposed to release source code to the world at large and let people run with it?

      I’ll have to devote a longer post to this…

      • Andrew, you know I’m just giving you a hard time.. : )

        Maemo is linux, and you can download the SDK now. In fact, I may!

        Symbian Foundation is open source, but not linux. You’ve gotta pay $1500 to join the Symbian Foundation, and then you can download the code. They will have OSS for everyone to download sometime in the future, likely summer 2010 if I had to guess.

        tnkgrl and I interviewed David Wood at CTIA on this very subject. Check it :

      • Soooo… Symbian Foundation is Linux for carriers and OEMs, then?

        I honestly don’t get the difference between the two — in terms of their purpose, I mean…

        P.S. I’m not 100% sure but I think Posterous is going to be my primary blogging engine from now on — you can send your comments from there as Tweets, zomg!!1!

        But feel free to comment here, there, or on any of the other 4 blogs I’ve got running at the moment. 😎

  2. I think you’ve got it!

    SF is for att to ruin with branded software, maemo is for… hackers?

    Posterous!!?!?!?! ZOMG is it the best now? I can’ t keep up, bro.

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