NOW Magazine: The town hall on Canadian copyright that didn’t invite the town.

For those who missed Thursdays town hall, here are some suspicious highlights:

  • A lot of empty chairs to a supposedly at-capacity event;
  • Tony Clement, minister of industry and chair of the meetings, talking out of turn on what was supposed to be a strictly regimented time allotment for speakers. It was a two-hour meeting that ended with Clement hogging the final six-plus minutes;
  • Repeated speakers giving similar points of view;
  • The Canadian music industry hogging almost all of the floor time.

And after seeing these results, and also reading reports that online submissions are being tampered with, it’s impossible not to be cynical.

And here’s some salt for that wound: Students last night weren’t just barred from the microphones, but from handing out flyers, as well.

This is all getting really disheartening. Anybody interested in joining me for this?

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