Canadian mobile users needn’t worry — data plans in the USA suck about as much as ours.

They also have “unlimited” plans for handset users that cost about $15/month for feature phone users and $30/month for “smartphone” users. The cheaper data plans for phones all have a 5GB/month “fair use cap” and a prohibition on tethering and often on 3rd party streaming media too. The operators have determined that they can make a satisfactory profit selling 5 GB for $60.  On the phone plans, they know that the vast majority of users will consume far less than 5 GB in a month, especially on a dumb phone. So they call it “unlimited” but expect the average usage will be less than  1.25 or at most 2.5 GB. It’s a lot easier to sell “unlimited” plans than 1.25 GB plans.

The 6GB you can get for $30/month from Rogers & Fido is certainly competitive with this. But the rest of the developed world is way ahead — even parts of the developing world, apparently…!

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