Tucows makes a contribution to #CopyCon, declares its position on Canadian copyright reform.

Tucows’ views can be summarized as follows:

  1. We believe any legislation should be technologically neutral. A DMCA-like approach that considers a technology or a non-infringing use of a technology illegal per se is a huge brake on innovation.
  2. We believe that fair dealing should be expanded to provide greater innovation and creator opportunities. Culture builds on culture and in order to derive the full benefit of the magic of the Internet we need to recognize that the Internet has sped up the dissemination of culture which naturally creates greater opportunities for sharing and extending. This is inherently a feature not a bug.
  3. We believe that service providers should be neither policemen nor tax collectors for the existing rights holders. Service providers should be focused on helping ordinary Canadians use the Internet more easily and more effectively.

FYI, #copycon is the Twitter hashtag being used to flag posts on Canada’s copyright consultation.

And remember, you have until September 13th to make your voice heard!

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Mobile phones, Linux and copyright reform. Those go together, right?

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