If you’re having trouble with your #CopyCon submission here’s a list of keywords to get you started…

Position Number of Supporters
Submissions against another Bill C-61 3277
Submissions in favour of shorter copyright term 104
Submissions against anti-circumvention or in favour of limiting DRM/Digital locks 3413
Submissions in favour of stronger personal use/copying and backup protections 3351
Submissions in favour of an “open copyright” system 9
Submissions advocating an end to the Crown Copyright 29
Submissions opposed to adopting an American-styled DMCA 94
Submissions in favour of stronger fair use/fair dealing protections 2834
Submissions opposed to implementing WIPO 6
Submissions in favour of eliminating all copyright 5
Submissions against a three-strikes rule 44
Submissions that favour a “notice and notice” approach 3237
Submissions in favour of instituting a levy for file-sharing/monetizing P2P 31
Submissions in favour of greater exemptions for education/research 26
Submissions in favour of establish a good-faith defence that the user believed their use of a work was fair and non-infringing 3229
Submissions in favour of laws that are technologically neutral 2738
Submissions that argue individuals should be protected from liability as long as their use was private and non-commercial 3260
Submissions in favour of a parody exemption 10
Submissions in favour of ISP neutrality 15
Submissions satisfied with current laws 19
Submissions calling for a stronger/updated public domain 36
Submissions against any media levies 8
Submissions in favour of stronger penalties for copyright infringement 3
Submissions in favour of turning copyright into a crime 2
Submissions arguing for protection for photographs 7
Submissions against works being available in digital or other forms for free and that argue creators need to be fairly compensated 121
Submissions arguing for more protection for writers and other artists 20
Submissions opposed to creating new exceptions 4
Submissions opposed to an expansion of fair dealing 2
Submissions in favour of notice and takedown 2
Submissions in favour of implementing WIPO 18
Submissions promoting a collective licensing scheme 8
Submissions promoting longer copyright terms/opposed to shortening copyright terms 3
Submissions in favour of fining those who violate copyright laws 1
Submissions in favour of halting illegal file sharing 9
Submissions endorsing Bill C-61 1
Submissions proposing the expansion of the private copying levy 14
Submissions in favour of increasing school fees and tariffs for books and photocopies 1
Submissions proposing a re-sale right 15
Total Submissions 4038

With only 7 days to go 4,000 submissions is a pretty piss-poor showing…

If you can’t be bothered to write up something on your own, send a form letter at least!

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