All About Symbian conducts survey on Twitter of top 3 mobile apps, results skewed towards Twitter & Symbian.

Onto the results, from over 130 people on five smartphone platforms, all data gathered yesterday in one 18 hour period. Each person could only nominate three apps that they couldn’t live without:

  • Gravity (Symbian OS) – 65 nominations
  • Google Maps (Symbian OS, basic version built into other platforms) – 31
  • Opera Mini (Java-hosted, Symbian OS, Blackberry or Windows Mobile or feature phones) – 18
  • GMail (Java-hosted, all platforms except iPhone) – 12
  • Facebook (Widget/native, depending on platform) – 10
  • Profimail (Symbian OS) – 10
  • Mobbler (Symbian OS) – 10
  • Nimbuzz (all platforms) – 10

Since I missed this survey, I’ll chime in with my three must-have S60 apps:

1. Opera Mini
2. Joikuspot
3. Qik

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