Say it ain’t so, Ricky! Symbian Guru loves the Nokia N86 but is buying an N97, because: “the future is touch”…

Thus, ironically, just when Nokia finally perfects the non-touchscreen ‘multimedia computer’, the market forces them to move in a completely different direction, using an interface that is currently sub-par.

Having used an N97 myself for two weeks last summer I myself would be interested more in the qwerty keypad than the touchscreen. So the N900 is, I guess, the obvious choice for me — that is, once Nokia releases a version that will run 3G on proper North American frequencies…

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Mobile phones, Linux and copyright reform. Those go together, right?


  1. Proper?

    That’s tech racism! T-Mobile finally gets a nice phone and all I see is people go waa waa waa where’s my NAM version.

    If Wind Mobile was live with their 1700 3G spectrum, would you be complaining?

  2. As a Fido subscriber, you bet I’d be complaining!

    But your point is taken on the indirect dig at T-Mobile — were all the globe running 3G on the same frequency we wouldn’t have to worry about such things. I guess I should have written “more ubiquitous” rather than “proper”.

    And I guess that a true world phone these days needs penta-band 3G.

    What a mess….

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