Jolicloud brings the stupidity of web apps to Linux netbooks.

There may well be something I’m not getting here, but I honestly can’t see what the big deal is about this new Jolicloud distro.

I should point out that my experience was with an installation of Jolicloud within Easy Peasy, another netbook Linux with Ubuntu Netbook Remix. But I did try out Jolicloud proper on a previous occasion, and it didn’t seem any different…

Jolicloud Apps

If bookmarking a site in your web browser sounds like rocket science to you then you’re probably the perfect candidate for Jolicloud, which dumps a bunch of shortcuts for social networking sites and such onto your netbook screen.

Facebook on Jolicloud

Here’s what my Facebook page looks like using the Jolicloud Facebook “app”. Zomg, it’s just like Firefox, but with ads!

Facebook on Firefox

And here’s the same page viewed in Firefox. Zomg, it’s just like Jolicloud, but with proper browser buttons and AdBlock Plus! No wai!!1!

UNR Borked by Jolicloud

If it seems like I’m being especially hard on Jolicloud, it’s becuase the specific version I tried completely borked my desktop display. Even worse, uninstalling it also removed some critical components of my OS — though the instructions I got for removal it might well be to blame for that.

I’m guessing that Jolicloud is designed so that notifications for Facebook, Twitter et al would show up on your Jolicloud desktop, but it never worked for me. Unless there are users out there who only go to social networking sites… You know what? Scratch that — I’m sure there are users who only go to social networking sites. Jolicloud has its place, I guess.

But something about a distro whose killer feature is shortcuts to web pages kind of irritates me…

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