Grabbing an expiring web domain — about as easy and transparent a process as you’d imagine…

So I’m entertaining the idea of starting up a commercial blog — you know, the kind with ads and such. The domain name for it was something that came to me in a flash of inspiration, and a quick search for it revealed that it was available! That is, almost

It’s actually in the “pending delete” phase of a typical URL’s life-cycle, as defined here:

The particular domain I’m after is registered with, and for less than $20 CAD I’m able to backorder it — which actually means next to nothing, because:

  1. GoDaddy puts all their expired domains up for auction, whether they’ve been backordered or not;
  2. There’s a very good chance that GoDaddy won’t even catch the domain when it’s released.

As with domain-squatting there’s big business in gobbling up domain names as they expire. So just for the privilege of bidding on the URL I want I’m backordering it with three other domain-catching services:

  1. NameJet
  3. SnapNames

And once the name gets grabbed by whomever, the bidding begins.

At least I know in advance what I’m in for, thanks to this helpful forum thread… And if you’re in the same boat now you will too!

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