O RLY? Linux set to capture 60% of smartphone market, iPhone et al “have peaked”…

While the Linux will become the mainstream platform, the major non-Linux platforms – Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, and iPhone – will focus on particular niches, the report said. According to the report, each of these platforms comes with significant strengths, but they have reached their peak in terms of growth.

While this is certainly an interesting notion, I’ve two problems with this piece:

  1. There’s no link to the original report;
  2. The iPhone still hasn’t been released in mainland China, one of the world’s two biggest markets for mobiles. It’s officially a flop in India, but might see one last growth spurt in East Asia, as users there are more used to character input via touchscreens.

I do agree, though, that Android already seems to be picking up steam…

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