What I’ll be checking out at #oglf09 — remember, if you want a free pass, hit me up today!

If you’re wondering what yours truly will be checking out at this year’s Ontario [GNU] Linux Fest, here’s the plan:

10am: Linux Without Fear

Join Marcel as he takes you through a rogues gallery of user-friendly Linux distributions distributions. You’ll discover what sets one distribution apart from the other while enjoying a casual, stress-free tour of the various desktops. You’ll also learn about popular applications and how these can help ease the transition from that other OS. An essential presentation for anyone considering Linux or trying to ease a loved one from the clutches of proprietary operating systems.

Speaker: Marcel Gagné

11am: Ubuntu Netbook and Moblin Remixes

Netbooks are all the rage lately and there are a plethora of choices of what to run on your netbook. In this talk I will demo the newest versions of the Ubuntu Netbook Remix and the Ubuntu Moblin Remix and highlight the features of both environments. This talk is meant for people who might be new to Linux and want a glimpse of what’s happening with netbooks.

Speaker: Jorge O. Castro

4pm: Being Present – a Beginners Guide to FLOSS Outreach in Education

While somethings require luck and timing, nothing happens unless we make an effort to be present when people are gathering. In this presentation we’ll cover techniques you can use while we discuss actual events. Answering the question… How did one seemingly random meeting result in Rochester Institute of Technology students being some of the first to receive FOSS development course work as part of their formal education?

Speaker: Karlie Robinson

5pm Keynote: Musical Guide to the Future of Linux

How is Linux like the Ramones? And why can’t we be more like the Beatles? Linux is a critical success, but it’s time to crack the Top 40 and take it all the way to the top of the (desktop) charts.

Speaker: Joe ‘Zonker’ Brockmeier

… And remember, today’s the last day to hit me up for one of five available free passes, each worth $60 CAD!

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