Nokia’s Maemo team has heart; they’re also humble and are already looking towards the future.

Maemo employees know what they’re up against. They know the iPhone offers a fantastic consumer experience, but deep down they really do care that it is a locked down platform where developers play by Apple’s rules. They know Android is on the tip of everyone’s tongues, but they oppose the fact that Google worked to build something that is open on paper, but in reality is just Google saying “we know there is stuff out there in the open source community that does what we want to do, but we’re just going to write, from scratch, the bits and pieces we want to make so they can be exactly how we like them”. They know that the N900 will be what the technology media people will be talking about when it hits stores next month, but they’re humble and admit that internally their judgement day, when all Maemo employees receive self vindication, will be when the device after the N900 running Maemo 6 will be on store shelves.

If anyone has the right to deliver a verdict on a particular group of Nokia employees it’s Stefan Constantinescu — he used to work for Nokia, after all…

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