Rockstar Member of Parliament weighs in on Canada’s #netneutrality ruling: “The CRTC has left the wolves in charge of the henhouse.”

Today’s CRTC decision on internet traffic management practices is a blow to the future of digital innovation in Canada, New Democrat Digital Affairs Critic Charlie Angus says. The decision allows Bell and other giant Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to throttle the internet traffic of competitors or end users if they see fit to do so. This interference will be bad news for smaller competitors and leaves consumers open to digital snooping and interference from cable giants.

Angus says the CRTC has once again failed to stand up for the public interest.

I call Charlie Angus a rockstar because he used to be a rockstar. And he still is, as one of the few politicians in this country to speak out in favour of copyright reform.

As for the CRTC, well, you know what to do

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Mobile phones, Linux and copyright reform. Those go together, right?

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