Feeling cold? Get your blood boiling by listening to Canada’s Internet regulator evade all kinds of questions from Jesse Brown.

Commissioner von Finckenstein arrogantly dismisses Canadians who are threatened by this ruling as “Internet hogs” and pretends that he hasn’t heard any of the research that shows Canada is badly lagging the rest of the developed world in Internet access, paying far more to get far less than others, despite the enormous public subsidy Canada’s ISPs have received in the form of exclusive rights-of-way and access to taxpayer-built infrastructure. He also purports to know nothing of the existing abusive policies used by Canada’s big ISPs.

The comments above come from Cory Doctorow, who I’m a bit more inclined to take at their word than someone who sounds like a James Bond supervillain. I thought Doctorow’s comments were worthy of being cited — that’s why I’ve link to Boing Boing’s coverage of the latest Search Engine Podcast rather than Search Engine itself.

You can listen to the interview in its entirety here.

And if, after a listen, you get the sense that von Finckenstein and the commission he heads are perhaps not fulfilling their obligations to Canadians you might want to have a look at this

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