TELUS makes the triumvirate complete: Canada is no longer in the dark ages of mobile.

(Check out the exclusive-to-TELUS “Canada Red” version of the Nokia E71… Beauty, eh?)

So today TELUS Mobility has also joined the HSPA party with their own SIM card (and therefore unlocked handset) friendly network. Earlier this week Simon Sage snuck me into a special preview of the new toys — behind the velvet ropes I was surprised to see my pal Hilen Wong, who had let me have a play with the then-secret HTC Hero at a dinner party a few weeks ago. Sometime that same afternoon, no less than Howard Chui got Hilen to demo the Hero and the new LG Chocolate for him:

TELUS has also stepped up to the plate with a very reasonable $10 CAD SIM card — for a new customer with their own unlocked handset that’s an absolute steal when compared to the $40 that Rogers charges for the same thing. More importantly, Canada finally has a level playing field for competition, though one or two additional options certainly couldn’t hurt…

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  1. AC:
    as an old-school LG Chocolate owner, I was interested in seeing the new model–pretty impressive. The new Chocolate still shows off fingerprints just as well as the old ones do. Still, pretty impressive features, so you never know.
    I still have to figure out whether to go for a smartphone or go stripped-down.

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