‘Ink’ is a feature film made outside the Hollywood system. You need to see it because it’s awesome, and important.

Hollywood has claimed that they don’t know how to market the film or that it doesn’t have an audience, and what BitTorrent has done in the last four days is prove, unequivocally, that Hollywood is wrong.

First thing, here’s the direct link to the BitTorrent file so you can start downloading your own copy now. If you don’t know how BitTorrent works, call me up and I will burn a disc of the film and walk it over to you.

It’s that good.

Furthermore, it stands to be the first major success of BitTorrent as a distribution model. It’s not the first — Nasty Old People will go in the record books for that — but with upwards of half a million downloads it’s now one of the top 20 feature releases in the world. And all without Hollywood’s help.

At this point the filmmakers no longer need Hollywood. Instead, they’re appealing directly to their audience to monetize their efforts:

We’re not looking to get rich, but would like to pay back our investors and the enormous amount of personal debt we’ve gone into making the film. We’re also not looking to make Hollywood films (Jamin has had several opportunities) and plan on continuing the march of making fiercely independent films. In order to do that we have to count on the power of the people, eyeballs all over the world and torrenters to throw our film a few bucks apiece. It’s the indie film model of the future and we appreciate each and every person who takes the time to watch our film. It appears we’re all rebels here… so let’s wave that flag proud.

This is the second reason why you need to see this film. The first is because it’s fucking fantastic!

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