#ACRTW – Obligatory Bangkok touristy shit — Grand Palace, Reclining Buddha and Wat Arun.

I didn’t hire a guide for any of these attractions as I was on high alert for scams and touts — sure enough, someone had the balls to try the old “Grand Palace is closed for a Thai holiday but let me take you somewhere even better” routine, right in front of the clearly open main gate and two armed guards there! When in doubt, ask the guys with bayonets…

So much purple!

I suppose you could call this "ornate"...

I don't know what this is but it's awesome.

Just south of the Grand Palace lies (literally) the Reclining Buddha:


Big toes.

I don't know what this is either but it's also awesome.

And just across the river is Wat Arun.

Danger zone.

The top level of this structure was apparently closed to the public in 1998 after a tourist slipped and fell to their death — now it’s open again. The second level was plenty high enough for me.

Despite the crowds throughout the day my mind was still fairly blown by the physical manifestations of this exotic culture. It seems to me that in many ways Thailand is the realm of ghosts and demons who decided the fate of this world a long time ago…

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