#ACRTW – Thip Samai, the best pad thai in Bangkok.

Thip Samai

You wouldn’t think that a humble establishment like this would have their own website, but here it is

I found out about Thip Samai while flipping through my copy of Time Out: Bangkok — my one and only opportunity to eat there fell on the night before my departure for Singapore, and it was a tough call because at the time I was across town at a busy mall and facing a very long drive through legendary Bangkok traffic.

Fortunately Google Maps and a very adroit cabbie came to my rescue. And was it ever worth it!

Thip Samai Coconut Juice

I followed Time Out’s instructions to the letter and started off with this delicious iced coconut juice, the perfect way to cool down on a typically hot Bangkok night.

Thip Samai Pad Thai

And here’s the main event.

Thip Samai does pad thai a little differently, wrapping up the noodles in a layer of egg rather than chopping the egg up and mixing it in. Whatever, it was awesome.

The only possible smear on this authentic Thai experience was that I was sat at a table directly beside two other pasty white people, who had heard about Thip Samai on an Australian TV food show. They were friendly enough but I think both parties would have rather lived under the illusion that they were the only westerners ever to have set foot here. Hence, my terse Tweet from the scene…

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