#ACRTW – Facing my past in Singapore… Literally.

Here’s a little video I shot from my hotel room upon my arrival in Singapore:

I knew I was going to be in the same neighbourhood as where I had stayed with Second City some eight years prior, but I didn’t think I’d be that close — literally everything I remember was within a block of where I was staying.

It was kind of cool walking into the lobby of UE Square and seeing the same Delifrance exactly where I expected it to be (although there were no le financiers this time around). But walking through the lobby of the DBS Arts Centre felt nostalgic in an uncomfortable kind of way — I guess I’m not one who likes to dwell on the past too much…

The strangest thing is that I also remember an empty lot behind the Roberston Quay Hotel — who knew that I’d be staying at a brand-new hotel there seven years later?

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