#ACRTW – There are no tech bargains in Singapore. Trust me.

What better way to spend a Saturday morning in Singapore than in an air-conditioned shopping centre? Here’s a quick video tour of Funan DigitalLife Mall:

It’s entirely true about the prices of local kit here. Check out the price list posted at Funan’s official Nokia outlet:

Singapore's Very Expensive Nokias

When you consider the exchange rate — $1 SGD was equal to just a bit less than $1 CAD when I was there — these prices aren’t exactly a bargain. Compare, for example, that N86, same as the one I had with me. You can currently get one unlocked in Canada for less than five hundred bucks, and with free shipping!

A quick look at Sim Lim Square… A white N97 Mini that I spotted on a ground floor booth piqued my interest, but at over $800 CAD it just didn’t seem like a good value.

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